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Mon, Mar 19, 2018
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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Added Mar 10 2018

Israel is known as the Startup Nation for its disproportionately high number of young companies and new inventions, from the cherry tomato to Waze. Israeli innovation and entrepreneurship are not only useful for the development of new technologies, but also serve as a channel to affect positive societal changes and foster coexistence between different communities.

PresenTense Israel is a startup accelerator that nurtures coexistence through innovation, investing in various underserved communities within Israeli society. A panel discussion with the CEO and three alumni of the incubator will discuss how their work has influenced their views of coexistence and how they help underserved communities within Israel.

The event will include introductory remarks, panelist discussion, a moderated audience Q, and time for networking.Refreshments will be served.

The featured speakers are:

PresenTense CEO Rachel Shaul, who has had an extensive career in high-tech companies and most recently served as Head of Global Marketing and External Affairs atNetafim, Israels leading agri-tech firm that operates in over 110 countries;

Dr. Shadi Hassan, a Druze Arab whose startup, Healthymize, has developed an app that uses voice-monitoring technology to assist people living with chronic voiceaffecting diseases;

Tomer Shor, whose startup, TuneFork, has developed software that can be used on any device to tailor a precise audio filter for users with hearing loss;

and Michael Nachtiler, an ultra-Orthodox Jew whose nonprofit Aguda Achat (One Society) promotes the integration of the ultra-Orthodox community into the Israeli mainstream.

Posted to BUild Lab (730 Commonwealth Avenue)

This event was posted to BUild Lab (730 Commonwealth Avenue)

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