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Tue, Mar 20, 2018
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
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Added Mar 11 2018

Career transition Group Coaching for Mid-Career Professionals -Virtual Group

Being in transition is tough; it can be lonely, and sometimes frustrating, because youre not sure how to proceed, and you can't wait to make it happen. You need emotional support to sustain the journey! Having a group of peers, and a coach, can be invaluable to helping you maintain your self-worth and mobilize you to take action.

Purpose of the group:

* to support people during transition: peer support and coachs support to help you get clear about where you want to go or steps to get there
* to give guidance about resources
* to create an intact group where participants act as an accountability structure for their peers
* to get coaching to help you get unstuck or to free you up to take action.
Intended audience:Mid-career professionals, age 40+, who think of themselves as being in transition, whether its between jobs, trying to change industry or focus, or people who want to set up their consulting practice.


* The participants will determine what they want to discuss or focus on, so the topics will be generated organically by the group.
* Possible topics might include how to stop getting in your own way, or how you make sense of success or non-success ;) or how to make your self-talk more positive.
* Participants might ask each other for their experience with specific approaches, or knowledge of resources; or it could be a topic that Abby can deliver content on.
* This group is not designed to help you rewrite your resume or to teach you how to find a job.
* You will identify what you want to get out of the group and what you want to be held accountable for.

* 6-8 people, intact group. People in mid-career (40+).
* 6, 75-min. sessions, every 2 weeks, over a period of 3 months. First meeting will be 90 minutes. March May 2018. The frequency is meant to address the urgency you need to generate income! (unless the group decides on every 3 weeks).
* First meeting TBD, once we have a critical mass (at least 6 people). Let me know if you have a friend/colleague whod like to participate.
* 15 min. pre-program phone conversation to identify your learning needs.
* 15 min. post-program conversation to assess your outcomes.
* Virtual meetings over the computer.

* Participants will identify before the program and at each session what theyd like to focus on in the session.
* We can use breakout groups for pair conversations.
* Abby will provide coaching (15-20 min.) during the session for 1-2 people who have an issue theyd like to address.
* Abby will be responsive to the groups feedback if we decide to refine the format as we go.
* Participants will have their self-developed action steps to take between meetings. Participants can provide articles or resources based on the group discussion.
* Well have a LinkedIn or a Facebook group dedicated to this group.
Cost: As this is an R group, Im offering this for a nominal fee. Fee: $275 for the program (6 sessions) paid in advance.

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