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Sun, May 27, 2018
4:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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Added May 18 2018

The Boston Society of Vulcans, 9 Alarms and Straight Black Pride brings the next itteration of our ambitious (and now SUCESSFUL) social experience!

CATCH-FIRE III: The Grande Finale

DATE: Sunday, May 27th, 4 p.m.-10 p.m.

VENUE: Slade's Bar Grille, 958 Tremont St in Boston, MA
In what will be our LAST public Catch Fire tournament, we urge all to come out, show out, and go out with a bang!

CATCH FIREis a tournament utilizingCATCHPHRASE, a fast-paced word game (similar to TABOO) which, with the use of an electronic hand-held console, will test your ability to contextualize your vocabulary and bring victory to your team!

CATCH FIRErequires one of the rarer elements among peoples attributes: Actual Intelligence. Hence, we are making this tounament an INVITATIONAL. Recipients of an inviation are encouraged to contact your other intelligent friends or draw members from an organization you're affiliated with to build your team.

*This tournament will consist of 10 teams of 4.

*Entry fee per team: $200 (includes purse contribution and food)

*Dont belong to a team? No worries! With a $50 contribution, you may attend and be placed on a team.

*Not quite ready to take the CATCH-FIRE plunge? Cool. Make a $20 contribution to attend, observe, support and be welcomed!

*The first team to win 5 games to be awarded a $1000.00 cash prize that evening!

We are reaching out to PARTICULAR individuals, most who have a tract record of community improvement...because we are asking, regardless of the winning team, that ALL or a significant portion of the purse be donated to a charitable effort (preferably local) that focuses on serving Black/Latino people.

THIS GAME REQUIRES ACTUAL INTELLIGENCE, family. if you are used to games like Spades, Dominoes, Uno, Tiddlywinks, etc... this event is not for you!The opportunities for INTELLIGENT people to engage in QUALITY social gatherings in Boston are few and far between.

This is a BY INVITATION ONLY EVENT. We are reaching out to PARTICULAR individuals who have EXECUTIVE STANDING in this city as well as a tract record of community improvement. As part of the purpose of this gathering, we are asking that, regardless of the winning team, all or a significant portion of the purse be donated to a charitable effort that focuses on Black/Latino people.

So, please... come and eat, drink and lend your positive light.

In addition, this gathering is not for "SHY" or "TOO COOL" individuals. We are trying to build something hereand we need engaged individuals. If youre the type to get clean and dolled upto GO OUT and sit in a corner, staring at your phone all night and NOT participateagain, this isn't for you.

*10 teams of 4.

*$200 Team entry fee ($50 per member)

*First team to win 5 games will be awarded $1000 CASH that evening!

Food is included in your entry fee.

The RULES of CATCHPHRASES are pretty simple to understand.

1) Two teams play at a time. Everyone is positioned in a circle. Teams are positioned in ALTERNATING ORDER. That way, each team gets a turn in each round. Each answer will be VERIFIED by the Official supervising the game. In the even that there is no official, the person about to receive the game will verify the last answer.

2) There are multiple categories pre-programmed into the game....but we are going to play VARIETY" or EVERYTHING which encompasses all categories.

To start a round, a person pushes the "START" button. It will start to beep slowly, and a word or phrase appears on the screen. When the team guesses the word or phrase, he/she passes it to the next person (who who will be on the opposite team) who then presses "NEXT". A NEW word or phrase will appear on the screen. You may make physical gestures and/or give almost any verbal clue to get your team to say the word.

The word/phrase MUST BE SAID VERBATIM by the clue givers team. It continues around in this fashion for as long as the timer is actively beeping.

3) The beeper will continue to grow faster and faster, signifying that time is running out. After a certain amount of time, the timer will BUZZ 3 hard times, and then stop. The person holding the game must CEASE giving clues.

The other team automatically receives a point.

An additional 30 sec is given to guess the opposite team's clue. If successful, the team receives 2 points instead of just one.

Games are played to 7 pts.

Points are awarded according to ROUNDS..not CORRECT CLUES.

Should it become necessary for someone to leave the game, he/she may designate a substitute. ONCE SOMEONE EXISTS THE GAME, HE/SHE MAY NOT RETURN for remaining play for the duration of the tournament.


* A player CANNOT signify that the word on the screen RHYMES WITH another word (if it's a single word clue) or use a rhyming word in reference to a word in a phrase.

* A player CANNOT SPELL or BEGIN TO SPELL the word/phrase

* A player CANNOT give the first letter in the word

*A player CANNOT say part of the word or phrase in the clue UNTIL it is spoken by a member of his/her team. If you do, you must press "Start" to stop the timer and pass the game to other team. One point will automatically be assessed to the receiving team.

If a player MISTAKINGLY presses the "Start button instead of the "Next button and stop the game, the other team will be given a point. That player may retain the game ONLY if no clues had been given. If clues giving had commenced, the console must be forfeited to the other team.

*Players CANNOT make EXCESSIVE NOISE, COMMENTS or CONVERSATION while opposing team in in play. Each player is allowed ONE warning PER TOURNAMENT. A second violation will result in an automatic one point assessment to opposite team.

The emphasis of this gathering is on people who are USED TO and ANXIOUS TO involve themselves with QUALITY EVENTS and INTELLIGENT PEOPLE and are interested in social improvement.


Posted to Slade's Bar and Grille (958 Tremont Street)

This event was posted to Slade's Bar and Grille (958 Tremont Street)

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