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      Mount Vernon St. December 8, 2017 @ 7:58 a.m. Comment

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Beacon Hill Architectural Commission

18.709 BH 4 Charles River Square: Install new 6/6 wood window and storm window insert in non-existing opening on rear elevation.

18.588 BH 112 Revere Street: Construct two enclosures on roof of main structure to house mechanical equipment and antennas.

18.665 BH 37 Brimmer Street: Dig-up front garden at foundation and apply waterproof sealant to foundation wall; re-lay dirt and flooring.

18.633 BH 5 West Hill Place: Repair limestone parapet and cornice.

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18.568 BH 18 Phillips Street (continued from 11-2017 hearing): Install new accessible ramp at the passageway along the east...

18.406 BH 22 Beacon Street: Install wall sign on both Beacon and Park Street sides; replace awnings with Sunbrella in black with logos printed.

18.707 BH 13 South Russell Street: Replace three non-original 2/2 wood dormer windows to match existing.

1 City Hall Plaza

    Beacon Hill Architectural Commission
    Design Review 18.303 BH 73 Mount Vernon Street (continued from 11-2017 hearing): Removal and reinstallation of iron picket caps; remove protruding pickets in granite wall; install chimney cap.

Dec 07

Dec 05

Coming Attractions: December 5 through 19 — What Will Light Your Fire

Church of the Advent, 30 Brimmer Street, Boston, MA

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MIT List Visual Arts Center, 20 Ames Street, Cambridge, MA

Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University, 11 Divinity Avenue, Cambridge, MA

At the Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA

Hold These Truths by Jeanne Sakata. Directed by Benny Sato Ambush. Choreography by Jubilith Moore. Staged by the Lyric Stage Company of Boston, 140 Clarendon Street, Boston, MA, through December 31.

Nurse Play by James Wilkinson. Directed by Joe Juknievich. Staged by Exiled Theater at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, 949 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA through December 17.

Accidental Death of an Anarchist by Dario Fo. Directed by James Peter Sotis. Staged by Praxis Stage at the First Church Boston, 66 Marlborough Street, Boston, MA, through December 17.

Emmanuel Church, 15 Newbury Street, Boston, MA

    Coming Attractions: December 5 through 19 - What Will Light Your Fire
    Arts Fuse critics select the best in film, dance, visual arts, theater, music, and author events for the coming weeks. By The Arts Fuse Staff Film Jean-Pierre Melville was best known for his ultra-cool, noir-inspired gangster films as well as political thrillers about the French Resistance.

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Board of appeal hearing

Case: BOA-769080,  Address: 12 Byron Street ,   Ward 5  Applicant: Michael G. Conlon Jr.

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Case: BOA-769077,  Address: 276-278 Newbury Street ,   Ward  5 Applicant: Nader Golestaneh

Purpose: Confirm occupancy as existing 2 family dwelling on 15,463 sq ft lot. Part of ERT710893. Combine 7 Sparhawk St and 9 Sparhawk to be known as 7-9 Sparhawk St. to be a total of 4 apartments.

Purpose: Confirm occupancy as existing 2 family dwelling on 15,463 sq ft lot. Part of ERT710893. Combine 7 Sparhawk St and 9 Sparhawk to be known as 7-9 Sparhawk St. to be a total of 4 apartments.

Case: BOA-730716,  Address: 177 Glenellen Road,   Ward 20  Applicant: John Harrington

Case: BOA-725724,  Address: 32 Rockne Avenue ,   Ward 16  Applicant: Laura J Penney

Case: BOA-725722,  Address: 44-46 Crockett Avenue ,   Ward  16 Applicant: Laura J Penney

Case: BOA-728847,  Address: 29 Carruth Street ,   Ward 16  Applicant: Michael Courtney

Case: BOA-649285,  Address: 197-207 Adams Street,   Ward 15   Applicant: Andre Gomes

Case: BOA-737496,  Address: 49 East Concord Street ,   Ward 8  Applicant: Ghita Akkar

Case: BOA-762671,  Address: 260-264 Gold Street ,   Ward 7  Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

Case: BOA-768729,  Address: 79-89 West Broadway,   Ward 6  Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

Case: BOA-757813,  Address: 804 East Third Street ,   Ward 6 Applicant: William Doyle

Case: BOA-764049,  Address: 5 Jerusalem Place ,   Ward  3 Applicant: 3 Jerusalem Place LLC

Case: BOA-764049,  Address: 5 Jerusalem Place ,   Ward  3 Applicant: 3 Jerusalem Place LLC

Case: BOA-764051,  Address: 7 Jerusalem Place,   Ward 3  Applicant: 3 Jerusalem Place LLC

Purpose: Erect a two family dwelling in between #5 Jerusalem Pl (ERT735208) and #9 Jerusalem Pl (ERT735249)

Case: BOA-767168,  Address: 23 Dwight Street ,   Ward 3  Applicant: Jonathan Linehan

Case: BOA-744222,  Address: 431-439 Hanover Street ,   Ward 3  Applicant: Anthony Virgilio

Case: BOA-734923,  Address: 24-44 Kneeland Street ,   Ward 3  Applicant: Albert Li

Purpose: Change from retail store to light food service #36A & 37 store as shown as on plans, 26 Kneeland. (No work to existing fire alarm and sprinkler system.)

Case: BOA-767366,  Address: 4 Albion Place ,   Ward 2  Applicant: Daniel Toscano

Case: BOA-759562,  Address: 189 Trenton Street ,   Ward 1  Applicant: Richard Beliveau

Case: BOA-765850,  Address: 84 Faywood Avenue,   Ward 1  Applicant: Charles DiPrima

Case: BOA-759563,  Address: 80 Marginal Street ,   Ward 1  Applicant: Cooper Forge Partners, LLC

Case: BOA-769789,  Address: 67 Lubec Street,   Ward 1  Applicant: Tom Falcucci

Case: BOA#747484, Address: 1435-1437 Tremont Street , Ward  9  Applicant: Adrian Wong

Case: BOA-762362,  Address: 44 Gates Street ,   Ward 7  Applicant: Timothy Johnson

Case:BOA-668415 , Address: 231 Gold Street  , Ward  6 Applicant: Timothy Johnson

Case: BOA-666196, Address: 173 Endicott Street   Ward: 3, Applicant: Daniel Toscano

Case: BOA-737565, Address: 9-11 Belmont Street, Ward 2   Applicant: Doug MacDonald

Case: BOA-750482, Address: 61 Boardman Street   Ward: 1, Applicant: Linda Rand

Case: BOA-770210, Address: 23-27 Tyler Street  Ward: 3, Applicant: Yukit Wu

Case: BOA-734238, Address: 3377-3379 Washington Street   Ward: 11 , Applicant: John Lincecum

Case: BOA-760391, Address: 9 Brinsley Street  Ward: 14 , Applicant: Moises Lendor

Case: BOA-768033, Address: 9 Mount Everett Street  Ward: 15, Applicant: Vargas DaSilveria

Case: BOA-739621, Address: 722 Truman Parkway  Ward: 18, Applicant: Yemi Adegboyega

Case: BOA-749408, Address: 50 Eldridge Road  Ward: 19, Applicant: Leila Hayes

Case: BOA-747902, Address: 13 Seymour Street  Ward: 19, Applicant: Orisania Milli

Case: BOA-747900, Address: 15 Seymour Street  Ward: 19, Applicant: Orisani Milli

Case: BOA-731677, Address: 11-17 Corinth Street  Ward: 20 , Applicant: Hae Robinson

Case: BOA-751706, Address: 14 Halford Road  Ward: 20, Applicant: Brian Kenneally

Case: BOA-769484, Address: 10 Rhoda Street  Ward: 20, Applicant: Scott Bortolotto

1 City Hall Square

    Board of appeal hearing
    HEARINGS: 10:30 a.m. Article(s): 27S(27S-5) 68(68-29) 68(68-8) 29(29-4) Purpose: Add two floors to existing two family to create a third unit. Add one parking space for the new unit. Existing building fottprint will not change. No work to the first and second levels. Change occupancy from two family to three family.

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