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Cafe Porto Bello in North Attleboro Has Closed

The address for this now-closed Italian restaurant in North Attleboro is: Cafe Porto Bello, 6 N Washington Street, North Attleboro, MA 02760. The website for the South Boston location (which is at 672 E Broadway) can be found at http://www.cafeportobello.net/

    Boston Restaurant Talk
    A pair of Italian restaurants with one location in South Boston is back down to its sole restaurant in Southie, as its second outlet has shut down. According to an article in The Sun Chronicle, Cafe Porto Bello is North Attleboro is no longer in operation, as the lease was not renewed and the space has apparently been rented to another business.

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Licensed Premise Violation Hearings

Location: 662   664 E Broadway  South Boston, MA  02127

9). 667 East Broadway, Inc., doing business as: The Paramount

Location: 260 W Broadway  South Boston, MA  02127

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1 City Hall Square

    Licensed Premise Violation Hearings
    Violation Hearings 1). The Boston Leco Corp. Location: 71 79 Warrenton St Boston, MA 02116 License#: LB 98893, Notice/Violation#: 004109, Category: CV7AL Date: 02/23/2018 Notice/Violation: A+B (affray) patron on patron in front of premise in violation of M.G.L. ch. 138 s. 64, ch. 265 s. 13A. 2).

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Boston Election Department Testing

400 Frontage Road

    Boston Election Department Testing
    The Boston Election Department will conduct Testing of the Accu-Vote voting machines will be on April 23 at 11:00 a.m.

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City of Cambridge Community Development Depar...

The Harvard Square Kiosk & Plaza Working Group will present preliminary recommendations for future programming, use, and operations of the kiosk and plaza at a public meeting tomorrow, Weds. April 25th at the CRLS Media Cafeteria, 459 Broadway, 6:30 - 8:30PM Join us to share your input, reactions, and ideas. For more information, visit cambridgema.gov/harvardsquarekiosk

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Corey Chavous: Bradley Chubb Is The Top Prospect In The Draft In My Evaluation

...in that group where you can get up into the 20’s in terms of 2nd and 3rd round grades on guys...

    Corey Chavous: Bradley Chubb Is The Top Prospect In The Draft In My Evaluation
    We're just one week away from the NFL's biggest off-season event rolling into Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Over the last few months, there's been plenty of debate about the top prospects, how many QBs will go in the first round, who are the sleepers, etc.

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Zoning Board of Appeal Hearing

Case: BOA-803394, Address: 246-248 Dorchester Avenue  , Ward  6 Applicant: Evergreen Property Group, LLC

...deck w/new exterior doorway in masonry wall. Direct replacement of finishes throughout Basement, First, Second and Third floors, including millwork, fixtures, lighting, trims, tile, stone, hardwood flooring, paint, new staircase to Basement...

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Case: BOA-587183, Address: 194 Havre Street, Ward 1 Applicant: Nonni Roz, LLC

Case: BOA-712843,  Address: 234 Condor Street, Ward 1Applicant: Condor Creek, LLC

Case: BOA-720063, Address: 81 Chestnut Hill Avenue  , Ward  21 Applicant: Deborah O'Rourke

Case: BOA-754385, Address: 18 Bexley Road  , Ward  19 Applicant: Christopher Miller

Case: BOA-768740, Address: 208 Neponset Valley Parkway  , Ward 18  Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

Case: BOA-788469, Address: 6-8 Claridge Terrace  , Ward 17  Applicant: Paulo Mendes

Case: BOA-806799, Address:  11-15 Tilesboro Street , Ward  16 Applicant: John Pulgini

Case: BOA-786957, Address: 21 Woodworth Street  , Ward  16 Applicant: John Lyons

Case: BOA-807032, Address: 21 Angell Street  , Ward  14 Applicant: Oxbow Urban LLC

...equal-sized 5,000 sq ft Lots where the right side lot will be considered 19 Angell St. and the left side lot will be considered 21 Angell St. A Single Family attached...

Case: BOA-807036, Address: 22 Angell Street  , Ward  14 Applicant: Oxbow Urban LLC

...sq ft of the lot will be subdivided out and given to the neighbor at 20 Angell St. due to their walkway that is currently located in that area. This project is apart...

Case: BOA-807038, Address: 28 Angell Street  , Ward  14 Applicant: Oxbow Urban LLC

Case: BOA-807040 Address: 37 Angell Street  , Ward  14 Applicant: Oxbow Urban LLC

...lot will be considered 37 Angell St. and the left side lot will be considered 39 Angell St. Construct a Single Family attached Home on each of the lots with a party wall...

Case: BOA-807044, Address: 12 Lorne Street  , Ward 14  Applicant: Oxbow Urban LLC

...attached Home with a party wall located on the lot line between 12 Lorne and 14 Lorne St. This project is apart of the City of Boston's Department of Neighborhood Development (DND...

...9 foot wide strip of land totaling 723 S.F. to the neighbor located at 16 Lorne St. to provide them access for Driveway. The remaining lot will be 2,491 S.F...

Case: BOA-807049, Address: 240 Norwell Street  , Ward  14 Applicant: Oxbow Urban LLC

...St and the subdivided land to the rear of the parcel that was given by 242 Norwell will be combined as one lot to be considered 240 Norwell St. 240 Norwell St...

Purpose: 242 Norwell St and 244 Norwell St will be combined as one lot to be considered 242 Norwell St. and then the...

Case: BOA-807054, Address: 79 Spencer Street  , Ward  14 Applicant: Oxbow Urban LLC

Case: BOA-807055 Address: 113 Wheatland Avenue  , Ward 14  Applicant: Oxbow Urban LLC

Purpose: 115 Wheatland Ave. will be subdivided into two equal sized lots where the right side lot will be...

...land in the rear of the lot to be provided to the neighbor located at 111 Wheatland Ave. The remaining 2667 S.F. lot will have a Single Family attached Home constructed on...

Case: BOA-793533, Address: 49 Copeland Street  , Ward 12  Applicant: Catherine Xesternos

Case: BOA-801461, Address: 36 Hall Street  , Ward 11  Applicant: Tim McGovern

Case: BOA-799594, Address: 443 Marlborough Street  , Ward 5  Applicant: Aaron Weinert

Case: BOA-795620, Address: 131 Saint Botolph Street   , Ward 4  Applicant: John Pulgini

Case: BOA-800778, Address: 120 Everett Street  , Ward 1  Applicant: Eddie Azevedo

Case: BOA-681219, Address: 19 Walley Street  , Ward 1  Applicant: Walley Nineteen, LLC

Case: BOA-786649, Address: 35 Cushing Avenue  , Ward  13 Applicant: Peter Gammie

Case: BOA-787985, Address: 12 Carson Street   , Ward  13  Applicant: Ace One Investments, LLC by Eric Zachrison

Case: BOA-448233, Address: 11 Virginia Street   , Ward 13  Applicant: Vargas DaSilveira

1 City Hall Square

    Zoning Board of Appeal Hearing
    HEARINGS: 9:30 a.m. Article(s): 51(51-9) Purpose: Legalize existing basement living space to be an extension of habitable space from first floor unit. Renovation to include changes to comply with building code, interior spiral staircase connecting 1st floor and basement, and some cosmetic enhancements.

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Zoning Advisory Subcommittee Hearing

Case: BOA-796650, Address: 160 K Street  Ward: 6, Applicant: Michael Cronin

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Case: BOA-808179, Address: 197-203 Humboldt Avenue  Ward: 12, Applicant: Mario Bailote

Case: BOA-807998, Address: 141-143 Glenway Street  Ward: 14, Applicant: Oxbow Urban LLC

Case: BOA-794930, Address: 33 Robinson Street  Ward: 15, Applicant: Toan Le

Case: BOA-794261, Address: 60 Catherine Street  Ward: 19 , Applicant: Michael Keohane

Case: BOA-799089, Address: 2-16 Belgrade Avenue  Ward: 20, Applicant: Belgrade and Birch, LLC

Case: BOA-799089, Address: 2-16 Belgrade Avenue  Ward: 20, Applicant: Belgrade and Birch, LLC

Case: BOA-815003, Address: 156 Church Street   Ward: 20, Applicant: Susan Coburn

1010 Mass Ave

    Zoning Advisory Subcommittee Hearing
    HEARINGS: 5 p.m. Article(s): 66(66-38) Purpose: To construct a rooftop deck and head house to create access from unit 2 to the roof via an interior stair (stair approved by permit# ALT758829 granted on 10/23/2017) Article(s): 27S(27S-5) Purpose: Full interior renovation of existing two-family dwelling, Replacement of windows, exterior door, and siding.

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