May 09

Holy #$%@ Those BPYO Kids Are Good!

...that description we’d offer is that the last note of the “question” alternates between B and C, and is always coordinated to be dissonant to the chord the strings are then playing...

Apr 20

Fidelio In Period Style

795 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139

Mar 20

Schubert Feeds the Hungry

795 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139

Mar 13

BPYO Mahler Ninth Stellar

...has been thought to draw from the hymn tune Eventide (“Abide with Me”). At bar 8 Mahler quotes the phrase from his song Urlicht (“Primal Light”) that accompanies the words “Je lieber...

Mar 12

Chamber Players Keep Good Company discover a Haydn piano trio. The familiar two thick C. F. Peters volumes of 22 Haydn trios lack the D Major Trio, no. 16, which we heard yesterday. This one has...

Feb 20

Zander Takes a Measure of Tchaikovsky 4

For the next section Tchaikovsky marks the tempo Meno mosso. This is usually taken at about 1/4 = 96 or 100 (or 50 to the bar), which gives time for the winds to play four 32nd notes followed by 2 16ths in a single beat.

Feb 05

The Viola Steps Out at Tufts

...Janice Weber brought “Across the Sapphire Sea: British Viola Music at the Turn of the 20 Century” to the Distler Performance Hall on the Tufts University Campus on Friday. Those lucky enough...

Jan 29

Leipzigers To Partner with BSO Volk

Boston Public Library, Gustavino Room (700 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116) Tickets $100

Sunday, February 11th at 3 p.m.: Boston Symphony Chamber Players and Gewandhaus-Quartett ProgramSymphony Hall (301 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02115)  Tickets $22 – $38

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