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Added Dec 13 2017

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December 12, 2017
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{"notes": [{"type": "submitted", "description": "Submitted via Web", "datetime": "2017-12-12T07:20:38-05:00"}, {"type": "opened", "description": "Opened", "datetime": "2017-12-12T07:20:44-05:00"}, {"type": "close", "description": "Closed with status: Case Noted. ty the area will be checked and enforced.", "datetime": "2017-12-12T10:21:51-05:00"}, {"type": "reopened", "description": "Reopened with status: can you check out this area, I am confused by the complaint, I think this is private property if she is assigned a parking spot, she says it is city street/parking", "datetime": "2017-12-27T14:29:22-05:00"}, {"type": "close", "description": "Closed with status: Case Resolved. this is private property, please contact your condo association to help with this matter.", "datetime": "2017-12-29T15:44:23-05:00"}], "description": "Im having conflict within the neighborhood because people are parking on this curb in front of my parking spot which prevents me from entering or exiting my vehicle. There is no sign or clear indication that its illegal parking. Please have a city official address this issue as i cannot use my dedicated parking spot.", "extended_attributes": {"classification": ["Mayor's 24 Hour Hotline", "General Request", "General Request"], "queue": "Parking Enforcement", "photos": [{"orientation": "portrait", "title": "Submitted", "created_at": "2017-12-12T07:20:40-05:00", "height": 1536, "width": 1187, "media_url": ""}], "y": 2937504.725677628, "x": 771188.5148326146, "closed_by": {"category": "Transportation", "name": "Parking Enforcement Office", "orientation": "landscape", "description": "The Enforcement Program enhances public safety, improves traffic flow, and promotes parking opportunities and curbside access by encouraging compliance with the City's rules and regulations through issuance of citations and towing of illegally parked vehicles.", "height": 391, "width": 441, "media_url": ""}, "channel": "web"}}

This was posted to 11 Wyola Pl Dorchester

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