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Boston Water and Sewer Commission Meeting

Disbursement Ratification ( Schedules A, B and D)

    Boston Water and Sewer Commission Meeting
    The Boston Water and Sewer Commission will hold a Regular Meeting on October 27 at 8:30 a.m.

Oct 24

Chau Chow City Space in Boston's Chinatown Is for Lease

The address for Chau Chow City was 83 Essex Street, Boston, MA, 02111.

    Boston Restaurant Talk
    Several months ago, we reported that a longtime favorite in Chinatown was closing, though it looked like a new restaurant would be moving into the space. Now it appears that this may have fallen through.

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Board of appeal hearing

Case:BOA-728276 , Address: 22 Albion Place  , Ward 2  Applicant: Christina Poyant

This article has 50 other Boston locations (Show)

Case: BOA-497987, Address: 15 Priscilla Road, Ward 21  Applicant: Vitaly Kmelnitsky

Case: U49101667, Address: 48 Dracut Street, Ward 16  Applicant: Mai Phung

Case: BOA-478232 Address: 57 Sedgwick Street, Ward 19 Applicant: Amy Murrell & Minai Kam

Case: BZC-32943,  Address: 531 East Second Street, Ward 6 Applicant: George Morancy

Case: BOA-752846, Address: 173 Endicott Street, Ward  3  Applicant: Daniel Toscano

Case: BOA739099, Address: 401 Bremen Street, Ward  1 Applicant: Praticia Forbes

Case: BOA-725789, Address: 287-293 Maverick, Ward 1   Applicant: Diconstanzzo Properties LLC

Case: BOA-663708, Address: 275 Webster Street, Ward 1   Applicant: Onnelly Parslow

Case: BOA-717297, Address: 32 Charter Street, Ward 3   Applicant: McDonough Family LLP

Case: BOA-730633, Address: 49 Milford Street, Ward 3   Applicant: Chris Beuscher by Derek Rubinoff

Case: BOA-754123, Address: 51-59 Stuart Street, Ward 3   Applicant: Joanthan Serra

Case: BOA-733788, Address: 819 East Fifth Street, Ward 6   Applicant: Christopher Haley

Case: BOA-755707, Address: 30 Sleeper Street, Ward 6   Applicant: Kyle Annutto

Purpose: Construct New Pile Supported Single Story Boston Children Museum Parking Garage at 28-36 Sleeper Street, Boston Ma 02210. A Park will be installed above. Structure to be completely constructed of...

Purpose: Curb cut for driveway at 620 and 1622-1624 Columbia Rd. The owners of 1622-1624 Columbia Road have also applied, as this permit will restore a common driveway on the premises, as provided for by proposed easement on both properties.

Purpose: Curb cut for driveway at 1622-1624 Columbia Road. The owners of 1620 Columbia Road have also applied, as this permit will restore a common driveway on the premises, as provided for by proposed easement on both properties.

Case: BOA-720600, Address: 459 East Eighth Street, Ward 7  Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

Case: BOA-720251, Address: 461 East Eighth Street, Ward 7   Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

Case: BOA-743386, Address: 768-772 Tremont Street, Ward 9   Applicant: Vargas Dasilveira

Case: BOA-647490, Address: 95 Calumet Street, Ward 10   Applicant: Tanes Casting

Case: BOA-738147, Address: 102-110 Savin Hill Avenue, Ward 13   Applicant: John Pulgini

Case: BOA-733442, Address: 24 Browning Avenue, Ward 14   Applicant: Joe Grealish

Case: BOA-733438, Address: 26 Browning Avenue, Ward 14   Applicant: Joe Greaslish

Case: BOA-733431, Address: 28 Browning Avenue, Ward 14   Applicant: Joe Grealish

Case: BOA-719303, Address: 435 Hyde Park Avenue, Ward 19   Applicant: James Christopher

Case: BOA-730716, Address: 177 Glenellen Road  Ward 20  Applicant: John Harrington

Case: BOA-732459, Address: 4-10 Cufflin Street, Ward 22   Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

Case: BOA-700987, Address: 5 Cypher Street  , Ward  6 Applicant: Smiley First LLC

Case: BOA-682855 Address: 13 Shetland Street,  Ward: 8, Applicant: Joseph Holland

Case: BOA-729433, Address: 22-26 Plainfield Street   , Ward  11  Applicant: Boris Yablonovsky

Case:BOA-738439 , Address: 99-103 Savin Hill Avenue , Ward  13 Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

Case: BOA-715061, Address: 89 Savin Hill Avenue, Ward 13   Applicant: Obrain Stadhard

Case: BOA-683450, Address: 15 Woolson Street  , Ward 14   Applicant: Cecil Hansel

Case: BOA-710259, Address: 51 Lawley Street  , Ward 16   Applicant: Timothy Johnson

Case: BOA-696619, Address: 303 Paris Street, Ward 1 Applicant: Daniel Glissman

Case: BOA-730899, Address: 362 Sumner Street  Ward: 1, Applicant: Chrysostomos Makridis

Case: BOA-717699, Address: 182 West Eighth Street  Ward: 13, Applicant: Douglas Stefanov

Case: BOA-733748, Address: 40 Creighton Street  Ward: 10, Applicant: Charles Snekvik

Case: BOA-726332, Address: 4-6 Auckland Street  Ward: 13 , Applicant: Kim Dung Nguyen

Case: BOA-731287, Address: 10 Belton Street  Ward: 16, Applicant: John Doherty

Case: BOA-731113, Address: 11 Ellis Street  Ward: 18, Applicant: Luciano Cirino

Case: BOA-700976, Address: 41 Myopia Road  Ward: 18 , Applicant: Michael Allen

Case: BOA-702333, Address: 207 Savannah Avenue  Ward: 18, Applicant: Rocky Huynh

Case: BOA-730816, Address: 82 Cummins Highway  Ward: 19, Applicant: Elba Rojas

Case: BOA-729723, Address: 23-25 Chestnut Square  Ward: 19 , Applicant: Wim Dekok

...Use : Ancillary Parking : Conditional. Purpose: Off street parking for 1 car to be used by 19 - 21 Chestnut Square...

Case: BOA-736605, Address: 36 Maxfield Street  Ward: 20, Applicant: Cameron Trenor

Case: BOA-735990, Address: 275-277 Summit Avenue  Ward: 21, Applicant: Mendy Gould

Case: BOA-721551, Address:  20 Chapin Avenue  Ward: 20 , Applicant: Tom Timko

1 City Hall Square

    Board of appeal hearing
    The board will hold a hearing on October 17, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. APPROVAL OF HEARING MINUTES: September 12, 2017 & September 19, 2017 EXTENSION: 9:30a.m. BOARD FINAL ARBITER: 9:30a.m. GCOD: 9:30a.m. Article(s): 32(32-4) Purpose: Erect a four unit building with four parking spaces, which requires GCOD, but is otherwise zoning compliant.

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