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Andrew Square Civic Association shared Marty ...

Summer job registration for 15 - 18 year old teenagers is now open. Please see the announcement from Mayor Walsh for more information.

    Mayor Walsh announces opening of SuccessLink 2018, summer youth employment registration
    Mayor Martin J. Walsh today announced the opening of SuccessLink, an online tool that enables Boston youth to register for summer jobs. The SuccessLink application will be available through on Friday, March 30, 2018 . Teens can apply 24 hours a day on the BCYF Youth Engagement & Employment (YEE) Division website on youth.boston.gov.

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Please take a moment to participate in The Ci...

Please take a moment to participate in The City of Boston census .

    Annual Resident Listing - City of Boston

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West Broadway Neighborhood Association (South...

    Boston Restaurant Talk
    It looks like a brand new hotel lounge is close to opening in a red-hot section of Boston just south of the downtown area. According to various social media posts from bar manager Dennis Saint Aubin, a new dining and drinking spot is getting ready to open within the soon-to-open AC Hotel by Marriott in the city's Ink Block development.

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Zoning Board of Appeal Hearing

Case: BOA-782775, Address: 28 F Street  , Ward 6  Applicant: Douglas Stefanov

This article has 41 other Boston locations (Show)

Case: BOA-792717, Address: 262 Commonwealth Avenue   , Ward 5  Applicant: Adam Gilmore

Case: BOA-772648, Address: 46 Hichborn Street  , Ward  22 Applicant: Hichborn Partners LLC

Case: BOA-777271, Address: 606 Cambridge Street  , Ward 21  Applicant: Nicholas Bouritsas

Case: BOA-792532, Address: 23-25 Chestnut Square   , Ward 19  Applicant: Wim Dekok and Andrew Schiff

...condition of change of use of premises. Half of the Parking area, is located on 19-21 Chestnut Square and this relief has been granted by the Board of appeal October 4, 2016, BOA606476...

Case: BOA-786872, Address: 53 Orchardfield Street  , Ward  15  Applicant: Kim Nguyen

Case: BOA-787985, Address: 12 Carson Street   , Ward  13  Applicant: Ace One Investments, LLC by Eric Zachrison

Case: BOA-793541 Address: 21 Peverell Street  , Ward 13   Applicant: Matthew St Peter

Case: BOA-756999, Address: 71-73 Brookley Road  , Ward 11  Applicant: Laura Sylvan

Case: BOA-781676, Address: 1027 Tremont Street  , Ward 9  Applicant: Daniel Toscano

Case: BOA-781815, Address: 50 Clapp Street  , Ward 7  Applicant: NS AJO Holdings, Inc.

Case: BOA-787244, Address: 1410 Columbia Road   , Ward 7  Applicant: 5528-1410 Columbia Road Boston LLC

Case: BOA-778326, Address: 8 Deady's Ln   , Ward 7  Applicant: Timothy Johnson

Case: BOA-786275, Address: 53 G Street  , Ward 7  Applicant: Douglas Drohan

Case: BOA-774880, Address: 123 G Street  , Ward  7 Applicant: David Arrowsmith

Case: BOA-779357, Address:29-31 Ward Street   , Ward 7  Applicant: 29-31 Ward Street LLC

Case: BOA-768730, Address: 844-846 East Third Street  , Ward 6  Applicant: Patrick Mahoney, Esq

Case: BOA-692075, Address: 37 Farragut Road  , Ward 6  Applicant: George Morancy, Esq

Case: BOA-754380, Address: 55-57 Brimmer Street  , Ward  5 Applicant: John Pulgini

Case: BOA-754388, Address: 63-69 Brimmer Street   , Ward 5  Applicant: John Pulgini

Case: BOA-754021, Address: 13 Concord Square  , Ward 4  Applicant: Kamer Minassian

Case: BOA-791476, Address: 91-99 Causeway Street   , Ward  3 Applicant: Smitesh Patel

Case: BOA-784142, Address: 283-285 Hanover Street  , Ward  3 Applicant: Daniel Toscano

Case: BOA-773964, Address: 145 Corey Street   Ward: 20 , Applicant: Kevin Dowd

Case: BOA-786629,  Address: 40 Westmoreland Street,   Ward 16 Applicant: Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation

Case: BOA-683450, Address: 15 Woolson Street  , Ward 14   Applicant: Cecil Hansel

Case: BOA-617813, Address: 173 Humboldt Avenue, Ward  12 Applicant: John Samaan

Case: BOA-698906, Address: 9 Chelsea Street , Ward 1   Applicant: Linear Retail #18, LLC

Case: BOA-780523, Address: 28 Brier Road   Ward: 20, Applicant: Ivan Hernandez

Case: BOA-777937, Address: 62 Durnell Avenue   Ward: 20, Applicant: Charles Donovan

Case: BOA784868-, Address: 10 Newburg Street   Ward: 20, Applicant: Michael Forde

Case: BOA-773840, Address: 25 Alaric Street   Ward: 20, Applicant: Jack Rojas

Case: BOA-719810, Address: 874 East Sixth Street , Ward 6   Applicant: George Morancy

Case: BOA-732946, Address: 38 P Street, Ward 6 Applicant: Nick Zaferakis

Case: BOA-780322, Address: 55 McBride Street   Ward:11 , Applicant: Mark Collins

Case: BOA-787555, Address: 1300-1304 Hyde Park Avenue   Ward: 18, Applicant: Toward Independent Learning and Living, Inc

Case: BOA-785316, Address: 19 Burard Street   Ward: 20, Applicant: Anthony Debenedictis

Case: BOA-794683, Address: 15 Gilmore Terrace   Ward: 20, Applicant: Jay Walsh

Case: BOA-787403, Address: 15 Macullar Road   Ward: 20, Applicant: Robert Wall

Case: BOA-790013, Address: 31 Willers Street   Ward: 20, Applicant: Marc Joseph

1 City Hall Square

    Zoning Board of Appeal Hearing
    The Boston Zoning Code has information on the Articles and definitions of terms in this agenda.

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A person was shot in Southie.


    A person was shot in Southie. - Caught In Southie
    Around 12:13am on Thursday, a person was shot and suffered life-threatening injuries. According to the Boston Globe, the shooting took place near the intersection Patterson Way and Reverend Burke Street No details about the victim are available at this time.

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Weekend Picks – February 23rd


    Weekend Picks - February 23rd - Caught In Southie
    Mingle: Venture to JP with Craft'd to Beers with Brewers: Turtle Swamp Brewing on Thursday, February 22nd from 7pm-9pm. Your ticket includes a beer flight and a snack pairing. After the guided tasting you can grab a pint and mingle with the other craft beer lovers in the room.

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Last call at Quinzani bakery on Harrison ave ...

Last call at Quinzani bakery on Harrison ave at E Berkeley . I miss the smell of that bread 🥖 !

    West Broadway Neighborhood Association (South Boston)
    Last call at Quinzani bakery on Harrison ave at E Berkeley . I miss the smell of that bread 🥖 !

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Would You Eat Food at This Classic Southie Dive Bar?

At quintessential Southie dive bar Croke Park (268 W. Broadway, South Boston), aka Whitey’s, Boston licensing laws are forcing the addition of food made...

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Noca Provisions (156 Rindge Ave., North Cambridge) — the cozy cafe sibling to the Table at Season to Taste — reintroduced dinner...

An exciting new addition to the local dining scene this week is Gen Sou En (299 Harvard St., Brookline), a Japanese tea house in Coolidge Corner that is managed by a couple faces...

    Would You Eat Food at This Classic Southie Dive Bar?
    Welcome back to Obligatory Food Service Morning Briefing Two Food Showdowns , a round-up of mini news bites to kick off the day. Catalan-Inspired Dinner in North Cambridge At quintessential Southie dive bar Croke Park (268 W. Broadway, South Boston), aka Whitey's, Boston licensing laws are forcing the addition of food made on premises - that's the thing about having a food-serving license.

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Raise your Glass: It’s National Margarita Day!


    Raise your Glass: It's National Margarita Day! - Caught In Southie
    Nobody loves a margarita as much as us! Thursday, February 22nd is National Margarita Day and the perfect excuse to head out in the neighborhood to celebrate! Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar in South Boston goes HAM for the holiday and it is the one day of the year when they offer pitchers of their ...

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West Broadway Neighborhood Association (South...

    WCVB Channel 5 Boston
    WOW! Sky5 was over a huge crowd waiting for buses due to a derailment that has suspended service on the Red Line in Boston.

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Andrew Square Civic Association shared a post...

This forum is tomorrow night

    Southie Community Bulletin Board
    The Southie Community Bulletin Board is a group for people interested in the community of South Boston, Massachusetts. Postings about events, recommendations and general questions are welcome. RULES: 1 No political discussions. 2. No general dog issue posts (except lost/found). 3. No use of the words 'yuppie' or 'junkie'--both needlessly divisive.

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Climate Ready South Boston meeting is March 6...

Climate Ready South Boston meeting is March 6th. There is a lot of potential improvements to happen along our end of Fort Point Channel to prepare for this.

    City of Boston on Twitter
    Help us protect South Boston from sea level rise & coastal flooding. Our next #ClimateReady South Boston meeting is March 6th at the @BosChildMuseum -- learn more about the project & give your feedback. https://t.co/oUK8wLmaVk @GreenovateBos

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Community Preservation Act Forum


    Community Preservation Act Forum - Caught In Southie
    Be informed. Get involved. On Thursday, February 22nd from 6pm-8pm join your neighbors and fellow South Boston residents at a Community Preservation Act Forum at the Tierney Learning Center. Last year voters overwhelmingly passed the Community Preservation Act to create a $20 million fund annually for historic preservation, parks and affordable housing.

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West Broadway Neighborhood Association (South...

    Red Line service shut in South Boston after train, track fail in a blast of sparks, glass shards at Andrew
    Seth Hardy was at Andrew when the inbound train had a serious meltdown shortly before 9:30 a.m. Kyle Thomas, who was on the train, writes: The MBTA says there are "severe" delays on the Red Line due to what it calls a track problem at Andrew and is running buses between Broadway and JFK/UMass.

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It’s 70 degrees out!  Let’s eat/drink outside!


    It's 70 degrees out! Let's eat/drink outside! - Caught In Southie
    70 degrees in February - however fleeting - we'll take it! Here are some places to enjoy the warm weather and eat and drink outside! The Broadway will have its garage door open so you can enjoy lunch and dinner al fresco! Coppersmith is opening its roof deck on Wednesday from 4pm-10pm.

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Community Preservation Forum hosted by City C...

Community Preservation Forum hosted by City Councilor Ed Flynn Thursday 6-8PM. Share your input on the community and attend!

    Community Preservation Forum hosted by City Councilor Ed Flynn Thursday 6-8PM. Share your input on the community and attend!

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West Broadway Neighborhood Association (South...

    The Bar Mezzana Team Is Opening a Tiki Bar
    Shore Leave will open in late 2018 across Harrison Ave. from their Italian-inspired spot. Simply stellar crudo are a perfect match with a spritz or Negroni, sure, but Bar Mezzana has also proven the union between swizzles, mai tais, and other rum-focused drinks.

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Jimmy Flaherty Kick-off Breakfast Set for Sat...

Jimmy Flaherty Kick-off Breakfast Set for Saturday March, 3rd, 2018 The SBCA President Thomas McGrath is pleased to announce that on Saturday, March, 3rd 2018, at the Kick-off Break-fast, at the Seapoint Restaurant at 9:30AM. The Henry Knox Award Presentation will take place. Family, Friends and Neighbors are respectfully invited to attend this wonderful event. A $10.00 donation is requested at door to help off-set some of the costs. This year’s event will once again feature great music of Bob Fowkes and Curragh's Fancy. The event Chairman will be Suffolk County Clerk of the Courts Michael Donovan, who has always supported the fight to preserve the historical importance of Evacuation Day. “As returning President of the Association, it is an honor for me to once again appoint Mike to kick-off the festivities. His commitment and involvement with the SBCA and the entire community has been a tremendous asset to me and the Executive Board.” Said McGrath President McGrath also stated "It is an honor to recognize these individuals who dedicate their time and energy to the South Boston Community. I hope the community will join me and others on Saturday March 3rd to honor these individuals."Tickets can be purchased at the door for $10.00. This event sells out Annually so don’t get shut out ! This year’s Henry Knox Recipients are Laurie Linehan, Jimmy Cahill, Sean Connor, Jennifer Zablocki Evans and Dianne Horne. Check back next week for a short bio on their contributions to our great neighborhood.


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Flooding at Broadway Station


    Flooding at Broadway Station - Caught In Southie
    On Sunday, the Boston Fire Department responded to calls for a water main break on Dot Ave near Broadway Station. around 9:40am. Water flooded into Broadway Station as well as the construction site at 6 West Broadway. The water caused the street to Crews are working to repair it.

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Week of February 19th


    Week of February 19th - Caught In Southie
    Have fun! It's February Vacation week and here are some suggestions of fun things to do with the kids! From bowling to animals, we've got it all! Be lucky! The new AC by Marriott Hotel is offering a special St. Patrick's Day Weekend deal!

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Vacation Week: Things to do with the kids!


    Vacation Week: Things to do with the kids! - Caught In Southie
    It's February Vacation week and here are some suggestions of fun things to do with the kids! Staycation! Located right on D Street in Southie, Aloft and Element are the perfect hotels to book for your family to have a sleepover including swimming pools! If you live in Boston you get a resident discount rate ...

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West Broadway Neighborhood Association (South...

    South Boston water main break shuts down part of Broadway Bridge - The Boston Globe
    A water main break on Dorchester Avenue in South Boston shut down the inbound side of the Broadway Bridge Sunday morning, Boston Fire Department said on Twitter. Water drained from the break into an adjacent construction site and into Broadway Station, which remained open, fire officials said.

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