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Zoning Board of Appeal Hearing

Case: BOA-728896 Address: 51-55 Neponset Avenue, Ward  16 Applicant: An Le

Case: BOA-812804 Address: 43 Wachusett Street, Ward 18 Applicant: Ted Ahern

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Case: BOA-596485, Address: 18-22 Wayland Street, Ward 13 Applicant: Derric Small, Esq

Case: BOA-444956, Address: 240 Mount Vernon Street , Ward 13 Applicant: Bayside Club Hotel, LLC

Case: BOA-805989 Address: 471-473 Albany Street, Ward 3 Applicant: Anthony Scola

...one unit and a restaurant. Renovation of 1st floor front entry hall, complete renovation of 2nd and 3rd floor. To consist of structural framing and repairs, interior partitions and stairs. New electrical, lighting...

Case: BOA-810579  Address: 33 Condor Street  , Ward 1 Applicant: 33 Condor LLC

Case: BOA-810537 Address: 125 Sumner Street, Ward  1 Applicant: Winn Development

Case: BOA-810536 Address: 133 Sumner Street, Ward 1 Applicant: Winn Development

 Case: BOA-820974  Address: 29 Commonwealth Avenue, Ward 5  Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

Case: BOA-823392 Address: 87 Bolton Street, Ward 6 Applicant: Dorglas Stefanov

Case: BOA-802880  Address: 790 East Sixth Street, Ward 6 Applicant: Gerri Shea

Case: BOA-806830 Address: 104 F Street, Ward  6 Applicant: Benjamin Brown

Case: BOA-814666 Address: 428-430 West Broadway, Ward 6 Applicant: George Morancy

Case: BOA-824614 Address: 1400 Columbia Road, Ward  7 Applicant: Dorgan Realty Trust

Case: BOA-826891 Address: 140-150 Shirley Street , Ward 8 Applicant: James Greene, Esq

Case: BOA-814001  Address: 372 Adams Street , Ward 16 Applicant: Christopher Regan

Case: BOA-740260  Address: 411 Adams Street  , Ward 16 Applicant: Tuan Nguyen

Case: BOA-810564 Address: 100 Ashmont Street   , Ward  17 Applicant: John Powell

Case: BOA-821215 Address: 53 Bailey Street  , Ward 17 Applicant: Christopher Barbour

Case: BOA-817804  Address: 1045 Hyde Park Avenue, Ward 18  Applicant: John Pulgini

Case: BOA-800241 Address: 4014 Washington Street   , Ward 19 Applicant: Felipe Duran

Case: BOA-786499  Address: 6-8 Cheriton Road  , Ward 20 Applicant: Robert Reissfelder

Case: BOA-823130 Address: 226 Harvard Avenue , Ward 21 Applicant: Avonwood Associates Limited Partnership

...bays and vehicle storage as per plans filed herewith. Address of new building to be 1188 Commonwealth Avenue. See Alt No. 817770 and Alt. No. 817779 for combinations of lots. Demolish of existing...

Case: BOA-8047983 Address: 53 Quint Avenue   , Ward 21 Applicant: JP School, LLC

Case: BOA-809349  Address: 1-9 Bronsdon Street  , Ward  22 Applicant: Aimco Waverly LLC

Case: BOA-814946 Address: 67 Burton Street , Ward  22 Applicant: Michael Moran

Case: BOA-820964 Address: 18 Murdock Street  , Ward 22  Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

Case: BOA-796981, Address: 78 Tyler Street  , Ward 3 Applicant: 78 Tyler Street LLC

Case:BOA-678322 , Address: 90-102 Tenean Street  , Ward 16  Applicant: Sings By J

Case: BOA-746305, Address: 4-8 Tileston Street  , Ward 18 Applicant: David O'Sullivan

Case: BOA-754385, Address: 18 Bexley Road  , Ward  19 Applicant: Christopher Miller

Case: BOA-773964, Address: 145 Corey Street   Ward: 20 , Applicant: Kevin Dowd

Case: BOA-818501, Address: 119 Belgrade Avenue  Ward: 20 , Applicant: Jeffrey Drago

Case: BOA-806508, Address: 69-71 Fayston Street   Ward: 14 , Applicant: Vargas Dasilveira

Case: BOA-812321, Address: 27 Fossdale Road  Ward: 16 , Applicant: John Roche AIA

Case: BOA-,803912 Address: 29 Minot Street  Ward: 16 , Applicant: Linda Lombardi

Case: BOA-812301, Address: 286 Fairmount Avenue  Ward: 18  , Applicant: Candida Ruscito

Case: BOA-801067, Address: 5 Glenellen Road  Ward: 20 , Applicant: Erin Cote-Hartford

Case: BOA-745475, Address: 128 Selwyn Street  Ward: 20 , Applicant: David Knudsen

Case: BOA-813950, Address: 45 Vogel Street  Ward: 20 , Applicant:David Murray

Case: BOA-825856, Address: 32 Tennyson Street  Ward: 20 , Applicant: Michael Loconto

Case: BOA-811732, Address: 300 Western Avenue  Ward: 22 , Applicant: Rejina Shrestha

Case: BOA-812430 Address: 30-50 Terminal Street  , Ward 2 Applicant: John Frosk

1 City Hall Square

    Zoning Board of Appeal Hearing
    The board will hold a hearing on June 12, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. APPROVAL OF HEARING MINUTES: April 26, 2018, May 8, 2018 and May 22, 2018 EXTENSION: 9:30a.m. Case: BOA-488299, Address:358-360 Athens Street , Ward 6 Applicant: Ann Marie Bayer, Trustee

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Five Open Houses Under $550,000 to Tour This Weekend

184 Wachusett Street #2, Jamaica Plain

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26 Grant Street #2, Dorchester

    Five Open Houses Under $550,000 to Tour This Weekend
    Looking to tour a few open houses this weekend? Check out these options under $550,000, all within Boston's city limits.

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Zoning Board of Appeal Hearing

Case: BOA-794261, Address: 60 Catherine Street  Ward: 19 , Applicant: Michael Keohane

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Case: BOA-415915, Address: 175 Howard Avenue , Ward 13 Applicant: Hugo Correa Filho

Case: BOA-543908, Address: 100 A Street, Ward 6 Applicant: George Morancy, Esq

Case: BOA-802209 Address: 100 Boardman Street  , Ward 1 Applicant: MC-EB Realty LLC

Case: BOA-794923 Address: 288 Chelsea Street , Ward 1 Applicant: 288 Chelsea Street Realty Trust

Case: BOA-783652 Address: 740 Saratoga Street  , Ward 1 Applicant: Liliana Monroy

Case: BOA-803429 Address: 9 Hill Street , Ward 2 Applicant: Isamu Kanda

Case: BOA-812917 Address: 535-541 Boylston Street , Ward  5 Applicant: John Hancock Life Insurance

Case: BOA-811625 Address: 250 Newbury Street  , Ward 5 Applicant: Josephine Damore, Trustee

Case: BOA-811447  Address: 120 Bolton Street , Ward 6 Applicant: John Doyle

Purpose: Proposed two (2) off-street parking at 120 Bolton St located at the back yard of 223 West 2nd Street. Ancillary parking use for 223 West 2nd Street.

Case: BOA-786687 Address: 159-165 M Street , Ward 6 Applicant: Douglas Stefanov

Case: BOA-795237 Address: 184 Tudor Street  , Ward 6 Applicant: James Christopher

Case: BOA- 735236 Address: 75 G Street , Ward 7 Applicant: Douglas Stefanov

Case: BOA-759537, Address: 180 Norfolk Avenue , Ward 8 Applicant: Joseph Holland

Case: BOA-805881, Address: 80 Terrace Street , Ward 10 Applicant: Terrace Alfa LLC

Case: BOA-708918, Address: 32 Hartwell Street, Ward 12 Applicant: Timothy Johnson

Case: BOA-708914, Address: 34 Hartwell Street, Ward  12 Applicant: Timothy Johnson

Case: BOA-796631, Address: 341-343 Savin Hill Avenue , Ward 13 Applicant: Michael Kinahan

Case: BOA-801305, Address: 91 Bloomfield Street, Ward 17 Applicant: Maria Carvalho

Case: BOA-790909, Address: 15 Whitford Street, Ward 18 Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

Case: BOA-754552, Address: 34-36 Williams Avenue, Ward 18  Applicant: Rauny Baez

Purpose: Subdividing lot at 36 Williams Ave, Hyde Park. This lot will have a total of 8,,703 S.F. The new subdivided lot 38 Williams Ave will contain a total of 6,585 S.F. to accommodate new construction. Please reference ERT689194.

Purpose: Subdividing lot at 36 Williams Ave, Hyde Park. This lot will have a total of 8,,703 S.F. The new subdivided lot 38 Williams Ave will contain a total of 6,585 S.F. to accommodate new construction. Please reference ERT689194.

Case: BOA-762227, Address: 34 Roseway Street , Ward 19 Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

Case: BOA-800771, Address: 11 Sawyer Terrace, Ward 21 Applicant: Alan Brennan

Case: BOA-798584, Address: 228 Webster Street  , Ward 1 Applicant: James A. Sartori and Patricia Sartori

Case: BOA-698906, Address: 9 Chelsea Street , Ward 1   Applicant: Linear Retail #18, LLC

Case: BOA-754021, Address: 13 Concord Square  , Ward 4  Applicant: Kamer Minassian

Case: BOA-779357, Address:29-31 Ward Street   , Ward 7  Applicant: 29-31 Ward Street LLC

Case: BOA-793533, Address: 49 Copeland Street  , Ward 12  Applicant: Catherine Xesternos

Case: BOA-772648, Address: 46 Hichborn Street  , Ward  22 Applicant: Hichborn Partners LLC

Case: BOA-448233, Address: 11 Virginia Street   , Ward 13  Applicant: Vargas DaSilveira

Case: BOA-732946, Address: 38 P Street, Ward 6 Applicant: Nick Zaferakis

Case: BOA-796650, Address: 160 K Street  Ward: 6, Applicant: Michael Cronin

Case: BOA-808179, Address: 197-203 Humboldt Avenue  Ward: 12, Applicant: Mario Bailote

Case: BOA-807998, Address: 141-143 Glenway Street  Ward: 14, Applicant: Oxbow Urban LLC

Case: BOA-794930, Address: 33 Robinson Street  Ward: 15, Applicant: Toan Le

Case: BOA-799089, Address: 2-16 Belgrade Avenue  Ward: 20, Applicant: Belgrade and Birch, LLC

Case: BOA-799089, Address: 2-16 Belgrade Avenue  Ward: 20, Applicant: Belgrade and Birch, LLC

Case: BOA-815003, Address: 156 Church Street   Ward: 20, Applicant: Susan Coburn

Case: BOA-785625, Address: 41 Tolman Street   Ward: 16, Applicant: Tran Nguyen

1 City Hall Square

    Zoning Board of Appeal Hearing
    The board will hold a hearing on May 8, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. APPROVAL OF HEARING MINUTES: March 6, 2018, March 22, 2018 & March 27, 2018 EXTENSION: 9:30a.m. GCOD: 9:30 a.m. Article(s): 32(32-9) Purpose: Renovate 4000 sq' brownstone. See plans by architect guy Grassi for more detail.

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