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Zoning Board of Appeal Hearing

Case: BOA-793898, Address: 1486 Columbia Road  , Ward 7  Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

Case: BOA-800115, Address: 3 Emmet Street  , Ward 6  Applicant: Daniel Rubin

Case: BOA-796983, Address: 397 West Broadway   Ward: 6, Applicant: J.P. Licks at West Broadway, Inc.

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Case: BOA-415116, Address: 137-141 Hyde Park Avenue, Ward 19 Applicant: Urbanica

Case: BOA-415015,  Address: 133-135 Hyde Park Avenue, Ward 19 Applicant: Urbanica

Case: BOA-415113, Address: 127-131 Hyde Park Avenue,  Ward 19 Applicant: Urbanica

Case: BOA-415012, Address: 119-125 Hyde Park Avenue,  Ward 19  Applicant: Urbanica

Case: BOA-415047, Address: 93-95 Hyde Park Avenue,  Ward 19 Applicant: Urbanica

Case: BOA-772697, Address: 103-105 Kenrick Street  , Ward 22  Applicant: Shakeel Hossain

Case: BOA-755659, Address: 58 Lake Street  , Ward 22  Applicant: Charles Donners

Case: BOA-684107, Address: 1432-1400 Commonwealth Avenue  , Ward  21 Applicant: Philip Hresko

Case: BOA-792293, Address: 1470-1474 Commonwealth Avenue  , Ward 21  Applicant: Jamie Chow

Case: BOA-778523, Address: 548 Lagrange Street  , Ward 20  Applicant: Josephine Bonomo

Case: BOA-795624,  Address: 5251 Washington Street  , Ward 20  Applicant: John Pulgini

Case: BOA-805721, Address: 66 Edson Street  , Ward 17  Applicant: Derric Small

Case: BOA-805724, Address: 68 Edson Street  , Ward  17 Applicant: Derric Small

Case: BOA-799865, Address: 1837-1841 Dorchester Avenue  , Ward 16  Applicant: Travis Lee

Case: BOA-805229, Address: 65 Westmoreland Street  , Ward 16  Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

Case: BOA-767529, Address: 190 Magnolia Street  , Ward  14 Applicant: Kelvin Doan

Case: BOA-768736, Address: 19 Everett Avenue   , Ward  13 Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

...one of Two Family Houses to be built on the same lot (see ERT715590 for 21 Everett Avenue). Construction plans to be submitted upon ZBA approval. Existing Three (3) Family  Dwelling to be...

Case: BOA-,787613 Address: 18 Marbury Terrace  , Ward 11  Applicant: Marbury Terrace, Inc

Case: BOA-783103, Address: 24 Roseclair Street  , Ward  7 Applicant: Daniel Rubin

Case: BOA-801443, Address: 772 East Sixth Street  , Ward  6 Applicant: Anthony Monahan

Case: BOA-787977, Address: 173 Newbury Street  , Ward 5  Applicant: J.P. Licks at Newbury Street, Inc

Case: BOA-765856, Address: 46 Clarendon Street  , Ward 4  Applicant: Andrew Brassard

Case: BOA-738454, Address: 55 Chaucer Street   , Ward  1 Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

Purpose: Subdivision 55 & 57 Chaucer St into two lots as per plan. No work to be done on this application. 55 to have 1838 sq ft lot. 57 to have 2222 sq ft lot See 57 Chaucer alt67228 for drawings.

Case: BOA-768036, Address: 309 Chelsea Street  , Ward 1  Applicant: Elena Muench

Case: BOA-793907, Address: 346 Chelsea Street  , Ward  1 Applicant: Three Forty Eight Chelsea, LLC

Case: BOA-793908, Address: 348 Chelsea Street  , Ward  1 Applicant: Three Forty Eight Chelsea, LLC

Case: BOA-793904, Address: 4 Coppersmith Way   , Ward 1  Applicant: 4 Coppersmith Way, LLC

Case: BOA-790002, Address: 104 Faywood Avenue  , Ward 1  Applicant: Victor Joita

Case: BOA-796118 Address: 375 Maverick Street  , Ward 1  Applicant: Abdelijalil Krikib

Case: BOA-753496,  Address: 37-39 Thetford Avenue,   Ward  17  Applicant: Rui Rodrigues

Case: BOA-725789, Address: 287-293 Maverick, Ward 1   Applicant: Diconstanzzo Properties LLC

...19, LLC and Linear Retail Boston #21, LLC seeking with reference to the premises at 144-146 Maverick St, Ward 01 for the terms of the Boston Zoning Code (see Acts of 1956, c...

Case: BOA-719810, Address: 874 East Sixth Street  , Ward  6 Applicant: George Morancy

Case: BOA-797522, Address: 31 Belmont Street   Ward: 2, Applicant: Jeremy Crane

Case: BOA-798051, Address: 54 P Street    Ward: 6 , Applicant: Ann McDonough

Case: BOA-786983, Address: 51 Oakton Avenue   Ward: 16 , Applicant: Joseph Delaney

Case: BOA-785625, Address: 41 Tolman Street   Ward: 16, Applicant: Tran Nguyen

Case: BOA-798424, Address: 29 Asheville Road   Ward: 18, Applicant: Ricardo's Baez

Case: BOA-782247, Address: 61 Cliftondale Street   Ward: 18, Applicant: Kelly Thomson

Case: BOA-789344, Address: 366 Metropolitan Avenue   Ward: 18, Applicant: Fredrick Carr

Case: BOA-789416, Address:  75-77 Sunnyside Street  Ward: 18, Applicant: Sonia Pierre

Case: BOA-791578, Address: 29 Oriole Street   Ward: 20, Applicant: Danny Bakis

Case: BOA-787903, Address: 29 Pinehurst Street   Ward: 20, Applicant: Leandrea Brantle

1 City Hall Square

    Zoning Board of Appeal Hearing
    The Boston Zoning Code has information on the Articles and definitions of terms in this agenda.

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Package Bandits Arrested in Southie!


    Package Bandits Arrested in Southie! - Caught In Southie
    From BPD News: At about 4:11pm on Tuesday, March 20, 2018, officers assigned to C-6 (South Boston) responded to a radio call for a larceny in progress where two males were observed stealing packages in the area of I Street and East Third Street. A few moments later, an off-duty police officer advised responding units ...

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East Boston Savings Robbed on Monday


    East Boston Savings Robbed on Monday - Caught In Southie
    A woman dressed in scrubs, a surgical mask who appeared to be "emotionally distressed" entered the West Broadway branch of East Boston Saving Bank and demanded $5300. The suspect was in the bank for 10 minutes and stated that she had cancer and her son is in the hospital also with cancer.

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South Boston Allied War Veterans Council part ways with parade organizer


    South Boston Allied War Veterans Council part ways with parade organizer - Caught In Southie
    Out with the old.... This past fall, the Allied War Veterans Council ushered in a new era of leadership. Southie resident and Army National Guard member - Dave Falvey became the new commander of the AWVC and worked tirelessly to improve transparency and transform an image of an anti-LGBTQ parade into one that is inclusive.

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City Tap: Come on and go Hawaiian!


    City Tap: Come on and go Hawaiian! - Caught In Southie
    Fort Point's City Tap isn't gonna let another nor'easter get in the way of a good time - in fact they're embracing the spring with their Hawaii Five-No indoor luau! On Wednesday enjoy tiki cocktails, Hawaiian pizza, fish tacos and suckling pigs complete with leis, reggae beats and indoor cornhole!

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Andrew Square Civic Association shared a post...

Community meeting to discuss the plans to build a memorial in Boston for Martin Luther and Coretta King. One of the meetings will be held this Thursday at 6:30 PM at the SB Boys and Girls Club on W. 6th St.

43 hours ago

AirBnB Regulations Update


    AirBnB Regulations Update - Caught In Southie
    Back in January, Mayor Marty Walsh proposed an ordinance to track and regulate the rentals of bedrooms, apartments or entire houses for days or weeks. Walsh has proposed a fee for three different categories of rentals. Rooms for rent while the owner is still around, would pay $25 a year; whole apartments, condos or homes that ...

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Uber Driver Accused of Raping Intoxicated Passenger


    Uber Driver Accused of Raping Intoxicated Passenger - Caught In Southie
    An Uber driver has been charged with raping an intoxicated passenger in his car. Ranjan Thapa, 26, of Everett, appeared in Roxbury District court to face the rape charge. The alleged sexual assault happened at 1 a.m. Sunday on Hemenway Street in Boston. Thapa picked up the woman at a South Boston bar around 11 ...

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Say it ain’t so: 10 more inches of snow


    Say it ain't so: 10 more inches of snow - Caught In Southie
    Mother Nature is kind of a jerk. Tuesday is officially the first day of spring and on Wednesday, she'll hurl yet another nor'easter our way! The big storm - some are calling the Four'Easter - because duh, it's the fourth nor'easter of the month - could drop 10 to 12 inches of snow.

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Southie Real Estate News: 200 Old Colony


    Southie Real Estate News: 200 Old Colony - Caught In Southie
    In a blink of an eye, the Old Colony Avenue is rapidly transforming from old warehouses and factory buildings into residential developments complete with restaurants and retail. The large scale, much anticipated, Washington Village has leveled Crown Linens and a vacant block is ready to be developed.

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Dine Out Boston is Back!


    Dine Out Boston is Back! - Caught In Southie
    Eat up! Dine out Boston (aka Restaurant Week) is back March 18th-23rd and 25th-30th. Make a plan to enjoy lunch for $15, $20, and $25 and dinners for $28, $33 and $38. Perfect excuse to get out of the house and support local restaurants! To view restaurants that are participating by neighborhood, visit here!

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Tom Tinlin heading to Capitol Hill in support of Ellie’s Law


    Tom Tinlin heading to Capitol Hill in support of Ellie's Law - Caught In Southie
    Back in April of 2017, Tom Tinlin had the scare of his life. "I was doing the live auction at the Fourth Fest and while I was up on stage it felt as though someone came up from behind me and cracked me over the head with a baseball bat," said Tinlin.

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Andrew Square Civic Association shared Castle...

From our friends at the Castle Island Association

    Easter Sunrise Mass

2 days ago

Week of March 19th


    Week of March 19th - Caught In Southie
    Get juicing! Need to hit the reset button after a weekend long celebration of the St. Patrick's Day? The Juice Box is here to help. Get your healthy fix this weekend with fresh juices, smoothies, fruit bowls, coffee & tea, juice shots and cleanses, and healthy snacks.

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4 days ago

Shredded: First in line!


    Shredded: First in line! - Caught In Southie
    Eating healthy must be in their genes! Purely by coincidence, siblings Jeff Clark and Karen Clark were Shredded's first and second customers at the grand opening on Friday. They did not go together. They just bumped into each other at the new salad spot in Southie!

5 days ago


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