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"The BCA Ball & Disco Under the Dome brings u...

"The BCA Ball & Disco Under the Dome brings us together to celebrate, support and experience the vibrant arts & culture community that the Boston Center for the Arts supports. The Cyclorama is transformed into a place for your imagination to run where it wants to, and to share in it with a great group of people." —Disco Under the Dome Co-Chair Grant Simpson, Founder, Doors Residential Brokerage & Advisory Sophisticated. Innovative. Kinetic. The BCA Ball is unlike any fundraiser you've attended before. Learn more: http://www.bcaonline.org/bcaball.html

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South End Landmark District Commission

18.1103 SE           163 West Newton Street  Proposed Work: Ratification of unapproved windows installed at front façade.

18.733 SE             232 West Canton Street Proposed Work: Continuation of application heard on 1/2/2018 regarding re-building the light well at front garden.

18.1028 SE           543 Massachusetts Avenue, Unit #5 Proposed Work: At rear façade, connect existing dormers to create one unified dormer above the cornice. (See also Administrative Review work below).

18.1025 SE           36 Dwight Street Proposed Work: At front façade replace non-historic garden fence.

18.1127 SE           150 Appleton Street: At front façade garden level, replace 2 aluminum non-historic 2/2 windows with 2/2 wood clad windows. Brick mould to be replaced in kind.

18.1129 SE           138 Chandler Street: At front façade, replace 4 non-historic wood double hung windows with all wood with proper pane configuration (2/2 on full size and 1/1 on side lights)

18.1175 SE           287 Columbus Avenue: Replace existing worn fabric banners with new banners. Hardware to remain unchanged.

18.1141 SE           380 Columbus Avenue: At front façade remove existing non-historic flashing and gutters and replace with copper flashing and gutters.

18.1151 SE           13 Concord Square: At front façade 4th Floor, replace 4 non-historic 6/6 wood clad windows with 4 wood clad windows with correct historic pane configuration; (2/2 for the 2 full sized windows and 1/1 for two side windows).

18.1143 SE           29 Dwight Street: At front façade, reopen and enlarge existing window well, restore existing historic front door...

18.1132 SE           30 East Concord Street: Replace the following items in kind: wood panel cladding on penthouse; wood edge of roof, individual damaged slate shingles on mansard roof.  Rebuild existing masonry chimney in kind, paint metal at tops of dormers to match existing.

18.1189 SE           128 Pembroke Street: At front façade, repoint brick and replace trim surrounding dormers in kind.

18.1134 SE           78 Rutland Street: At front façade garden level, replace 2 white 1/1 vinyl windows with 2 new 2/2 wood windows.

18.1104 SE           312 Shawmut Avenue: Proposed Work: At front façade 5th floor, replace 1 wood window with 2/2 JB Proper Bostonian true divided lite wood window.

18.1128 SE           191 West Canton Street: At front façade 3rd floor, replace 4 non-historic 1/1 aluminum clad double...

18.1130 SE           86 West Springfield Street: Replace existing asphalt roof shingles with architectural shingles. Flashing to be replaced with bronze aluminum...

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18.1131 SE           155 Warren Avenue Proposed Work: At front façade garden level, lower window sill to bring egress code compliant.

18.1107 SE           465 Massachusetts Avenue #2: At front façade, second floor, replace 2 non-historic aluminum 2/2 windows with aluminum clad wood windows 2/2. Brick moulds will be replaced in kind.

18.1177 SE           147 Warren Avenue: Proposed Work: At front façade, second and third floor, replace 6 wood non-historic windows in kind with 2x2 wood windows.

18.935   SE           66 West Rutland Square: At front façade, repair slate mansard roof in kind. 

1 City Hall Square

    South End Landmark District Commission
    DESIGN REVIEW HEARING 18.733 SE 232 West Canton Street Proposed Work: Continuation of application heard on 1/2/2018 regarding re-building the light well at front garden. 18.1028 SE 543 Massachusetts Avenue, Unit #5 Proposed Work: At rear façade, connect existing dormers to create one unified dormer above the cornice.

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Thank you to Dance Informa Magazine for the w...

Thank you to Dance Informa Magazine for the wonderful review of Conference of the Birds! Anikaya Dance Theater will be bringing this stunning production on tour, so please keep an eye on the flock!

    Dissolving into one: ANIKAYA Dance Theater's 'Conference of the Birds'
    Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, Massachusetts. April 7, 2018. Strictly speaking, there is unity and there is division. What if there could be unity even with difference, if difference didn't have to mean division? Dance can probe such questions through use of oppositional and unison timing, as well as other choreographic tools and movement [...]

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