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56 Belmont Street                           5 vehicle parking garage 100 gallons of gas in the tanks of vehicles.

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3686-3688 Washington St             113 Vehicle parking garage 2,260 gallons of gas in the tanks of vehicles

183 D Street                                       10 vehicle parking garage with stackers 200 gallons of gas in the tanks

20 Penniman Rd                               25 vehicle parking garage 500 gallons of gas in the tanks of vehicle

7 East Springfield                              5 vehicle parking garage 100 gallons of gas in the tanks of vehicles

9 East Springfield Street LLC

    Inspectional Services Department is having a Hearing Regarding Flammable Storage & Garages on July 25 at 10:00 a.m.

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Effective June 17, 2018, Captain John Teahan ...

Effective June 17, 2018, Captain John Teahan is retired from the Brookline Fire Department. After graduating Brookline High School in June, 1978, John attended Boston State College and studied Criminal Justice. John eventually saw the light and took the exam to be a firefighter. He was appointed to the Brookline Fire Department on November 29, 1982. After Drill School, F.F.O.P. J. Teahan was assigned to Ladder 2. Firefighter Teahan was a student of the job. He dedicated himself to learning the subtle nuances that make a firefighter a professional. On December 21, 1983, FF Teahan was put to the test. At 0225 hours, Box 26 was struck for 50 Green Street. Upon arrival, members found heavy fire conditions on floor number two with heavy heat and smoke conditions throughout the remainder of this 4 story, 60 unit occupied multiple dwelling. Upon report of trapped and missing occupants, an immediate second alarm was sounded. FF Teahan, along with the rest of Ladder Two’s crew initiated a search on the upper floors. Without protection of a hand line, the members advanced further and further into this hostile environment until they located two residents who were nearly overcome. Firefighter Teahan and his brothers removed the occupants to safety. FF Teahan had joined the Brotherhood. In January of 1984, the department was summoned to a crash of two M.B.T.A. trolleys. Firefighter Teahan once again demonstrated his proficiency in utilizing tools and equipment. FF Teahan and the other members provided quick access for all first responders to the scene by compromising secure facilities. Once in, they assisted the MBTA personnel in disconnecting electrical service to the involved trolleys. Firefighter Teahan was promoted to Lieutenant on May 18, 1992. Lt. Teahan always sought to improve his performance and in September of 1996, he added the initials: E.M.T. to his listing of growing qualifications and accomplishments. Lt. Teahan kept in the books and on May 2, 2005, he was promoted to Captain. Captain Jack’s administrative and management skills were recognized almost immediately as he was assigned as the Administrative Officer for the Department. Shortly thereafter, Captain Jack’s firefighting skills and abilities were back in the field so off he went. Captain Teahan was always concerned about the health and welfare of the members. He encouraged them to maintain good nutrition and to maintain a good state of fitness while being well rested up for the next “big one!” He ran a tight ship as the Station “A” commander and the Company Commander of Ladder Co. No. 2. Captain Jack’s maintenance of a constant state of readiness paid off on January 1, 2015. Box 153 was transmitted at 1143 hours for 114 Davis Avenue. Upon arrival, the basement was fully engulfed and heavy fire was pushing out all the basement windows of this Class 3, O.M.D. The fire was rapidly extending and auto-exposing the first floor and all major points of entry. The engines started their attack while Captain Jack and FF Tom Francis gathered up their tools and went to work. There were reports of a trapped elderly woman on floor number one. They forced the outside door to a common hall and then forced the door to the first floor apartment. The fire was rapidly extending up from the basement through all the walls of this three decker. Captain Teahan and FF Francis started a primary search utilizing the thermal imaging camera. They operated in zero visibility and high heat and to make matters worse, there were Collyer’s Mansion conditions. Captain Teahan located the victim and removed her to safety for which he was awarded the Medal of Valor by Governor Baker at the Massachusetts Firefighter of the Year ceremonies held in Cambridge. Captain Jack is another in the long line of veteran firefighters who leave this job with years of extensive knowledge and experience. Truly a great loss for the Brookline Fire Department. Please join me in wishing Captain John Teahan a long, happy and healthy retirement. Good Luck Captain Jack!

    Brookline Fire Department
    Effective June 17, 2018, Captain John Teahan is retired from the Brookline Fire Department. After graduating Brookline High School in June, 1978, John attended Boston State College and studied...

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Zoning Advisory Subcommittee Hearing

Case: BOA-836113, Address: 40 Sullivan Street  Ward: 2  , Applicant: Sean McCabe

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Case: BOA-835354, Address: 1 Nashua Street  Ward: 3 , Applicant: Swissbakers, Inc

Case: BOA-833370, Address: 112-120 Savin Hill Avenue   Ward: 13 , Applicant: Savin Hill Properties LLC

Case: BOA-824726, Address: 41 Glide Street  Ward: 16 , Applicant: Patrick Keady

Case: BOA-821198, Address: 25 Alaric Street  Ward: 20 , Applicant: Michael Napier

Case: BOA-822096, Address: 3 Mendum Street  Ward: 20 , Applicant: Jeffrey Dugan

1010 Mass Ave

    Zoning Advisory Subcommittee Hearing
    HEARINGS: 5 p.m. Article(s): 9(9-1) Purpose: Finish existing basement, Add new basement bulked door, install 1st floor sliding door in place of kitchen window. Modify rear deck. Article(s): 62(62-8) Purpose: Extend living space to existing single-family dwelling. Excavate basement to insulate slab and new ceiling height. Add new French door and bathroom.

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