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Coming up next: Anikaya Dance Theater creates...

Coming up next: Anikaya Dance Theater creates a riveting new work of dance based on the epic tale Conference of the Birds, using the powerful stories of Boston's Muslim, refugee, and dance communities to weave an ancient story together with modern journeys. This project is supported by a generous 2017-2018 Building Bridges Program Grant from the Shangri La, Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art

    Boston Center for the Arts
    Coming up next: Anikaya Dance Theater creates a riveting new work of dance based on the epic tale Conference of the Birds, using the powerful stories of Boston's Muslim, refugee, and dance...

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South End Landmark District Commission

17.287 SE 605 Tremont Street: Ratification of unapproved roof hatch and a/c units visible from the street. Ratification of installation of unapproved windows and door.

18.883 SE 1724 Washington Street: Remove and replace existing roof decks. Deck design, railings, roof railings are all to remain the same. (See also Administrative Review/Approval work below).

18.900 SE 610 Tremont Street: Renovate the façade of storefront. The work will include: new windows, entry door, new signage, new accessible side entry at existing opening, and new exterior finishes.

18.895 SE 331 Shawmut Avenue: At mansard roof replace asphalt roof shingles with new GAF Camelot II shingles; and install new copper gutter and downspout.

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 18.724 SE 89 Union Park Street: Continuation of application heard on 2/6/2018 to replace existing double doors with single door flanked by sidelights.

18.730 SE 1357 Washington Street: Continuation of application heard on 2/6/2018 to replace existing goose neck light fixtures...

18.902 SE 27 Dwight Street: At front façade re-open and enlarge existing window well; replace front door; and install new roof deck with hatch. (See also Administrative Review/Approval work below).

18.899 SE 143 Appleton St. Unit #2: At front façade, replace one third-story non-historic aluminum double casement window with two wood one-over-one windows;  and replace two second-story non-historic aluminum windows with wood two-over-two windows.

18.826 SE 51-53 Clarendon Street: At Clarendon Street façade, repair and repoint masonry; repair fascia and soffit; repair window lintels; and replace asphalt roof shingles at mansard in-kind.

18.874 SE 524 Tremont Street: At front façade, install new brown metal gutter and repair fascia.

1 City Hall Square

    South End Landmark District Commission
    The South End Landmark District Commission will hold a public hearing on March 6 at 5:30 p.m. Violations 17.287 SE 605 Tremont Street: Ratification of unapproved roof hatch and a/c units visible from the street. Ratification of installation of unapproved windows and door.

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Zoning Board of Appeal Hearing

Case: BOA-754021, Address: 13 Concord Square  , Ward 4  Applicant: Kamer Minassian

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Case: BOA-792717, Address: 262 Commonwealth Avenue   , Ward 5  Applicant: Adam Gilmore

Case: BOA-772648, Address: 46 Hichborn Street  , Ward  22 Applicant: Hichborn Partners LLC

Case: BOA-777271, Address: 606 Cambridge Street  , Ward 21  Applicant: Nicholas Bouritsas

Case: BOA-792532, Address: 23-25 Chestnut Square   , Ward 19  Applicant: Wim Dekok and Andrew Schiff

...condition of change of use of premises. Half of the Parking area, is located on 19-21 Chestnut Square and this relief has been granted by the Board of appeal October 4, 2016, BOA606476...

Case: BOA-786872, Address: 53 Orchardfield Street  , Ward  15  Applicant: Kim Nguyen

Case: BOA-787985, Address: 12 Carson Street   , Ward  13  Applicant: Ace One Investments, LLC by Eric Zachrison

Case: BOA-793541 Address: 21 Peverell Street  , Ward 13   Applicant: Matthew St Peter

Case: BOA-756999, Address: 71-73 Brookley Road  , Ward 11  Applicant: Laura Sylvan

Case: BOA-781676, Address: 1027 Tremont Street  , Ward 9  Applicant: Daniel Toscano

Case: BOA-781815, Address: 50 Clapp Street  , Ward 7  Applicant: NS AJO Holdings, Inc.

Case: BOA-787244, Address: 1410 Columbia Road   , Ward 7  Applicant: 5528-1410 Columbia Road Boston LLC

Case: BOA-778326, Address: 8 Deady's Ln   , Ward 7  Applicant: Timothy Johnson

Case: BOA-786275, Address: 53 G Street  , Ward 7  Applicant: Douglas Drohan

Case: BOA-774880, Address: 123 G Street  , Ward  7 Applicant: David Arrowsmith

Case: BOA-779357, Address:29-31 Ward Street   , Ward 7  Applicant: 29-31 Ward Street LLC

Case: BOA-768730, Address: 844-846 East Third Street  , Ward 6  Applicant: Patrick Mahoney, Esq

Case: BOA-782775, Address: 28 F Street  , Ward 6  Applicant: Douglas Stefanov

Case: BOA-692075, Address: 37 Farragut Road  , Ward 6  Applicant: George Morancy, Esq

Case: BOA-754380, Address: 55-57 Brimmer Street  , Ward  5 Applicant: John Pulgini

Case: BOA-754388, Address: 63-69 Brimmer Street   , Ward 5  Applicant: John Pulgini

Case: BOA-791476, Address: 91-99 Causeway Street   , Ward  3 Applicant: Smitesh Patel

Case: BOA-784142, Address: 283-285 Hanover Street  , Ward  3 Applicant: Daniel Toscano

Case: BOA-773964, Address: 145 Corey Street   Ward: 20 , Applicant: Kevin Dowd

Case: BOA-786629,  Address: 40 Westmoreland Street,   Ward 16 Applicant: Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation

Case: BOA-683450, Address: 15 Woolson Street  , Ward 14   Applicant: Cecil Hansel

Case: BOA-617813, Address: 173 Humboldt Avenue, Ward  12 Applicant: John Samaan

Case: BOA-698906, Address: 9 Chelsea Street , Ward 1   Applicant: Linear Retail #18, LLC

Case: BOA-780523, Address: 28 Brier Road   Ward: 20, Applicant: Ivan Hernandez

Case: BOA-777937, Address: 62 Durnell Avenue   Ward: 20, Applicant: Charles Donovan

Case: BOA784868-, Address: 10 Newburg Street   Ward: 20, Applicant: Michael Forde

Case: BOA-773840, Address: 25 Alaric Street   Ward: 20, Applicant: Jack Rojas

Case: BOA-719810, Address: 874 East Sixth Street , Ward 6   Applicant: George Morancy

Case: BOA-732946, Address: 38 P Street, Ward 6 Applicant: Nick Zaferakis

Case: BOA-780322, Address: 55 McBride Street   Ward:11 , Applicant: Mark Collins

Case: BOA-787555, Address: 1300-1304 Hyde Park Avenue   Ward: 18, Applicant: Toward Independent Learning and Living, Inc

Case: BOA-785316, Address: 19 Burard Street   Ward: 20, Applicant: Anthony Debenedictis

Case: BOA-794683, Address: 15 Gilmore Terrace   Ward: 20, Applicant: Jay Walsh

Case: BOA-787403, Address: 15 Macullar Road   Ward: 20, Applicant: Robert Wall

Case: BOA-790013, Address: 31 Willers Street   Ward: 20, Applicant: Marc Joseph

1 City Hall Square

    Zoning Board of Appeal Hearing
    The Boston Zoning Code has information on the Articles and definitions of terms in this agenda.

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What costs just $50 but gives you benefits va...

What costs just $50 but gives you benefits valued at over $320 for a whole year? BCA's forte membership does, including FREE exclusive events with Boston’s hottest artists, discounts to exciting BCA programming all year long, and it connects you to an active group of art enthusiasts Join NOW and celebrate on March 6: learn the secret of a winning cocktail with Movers & Shakers crowd favorite Alibi Boston and Bombay Sapphire, with food by Cambridge School of Culinary Arts get a private viewing of our exhibition: Culture Hustlers.

    Boston Center for the Arts, Mills Gallery, Cyclorama, Plaza Theatres


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